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Our Simple Approach to Complicated Tasks

AmericanInsight furnishes decision support services to help you make R&D and Production Quality decisions that increase the value of your brand. Our expertise is the American market for luxury automobiles, SUV’s and premium sports cars.

Decision Support

Peter F. Drucker describes seven overlapping sources of information that identify product value creation opportunities. AmericanInsight supplies unique information about New Knowledge, Demographics and Market Perceptions, while contributing a fresh perspective on the others.

ž      New Knowledge -- AmericanInsight conducts innovative, custom market research for your study. This research can define:

        American customers’ specific expectations in the design of your particular vehicle, and thresholds of success

        Detailed information to help improve production quality -- specific enough to help you decide where to direct your attention on the factory floor

Research may measure initial delivery, or long-term use of vehicles. Findings are based upon hundreds of interviews or observations.

Product Value Creation

Studies can be timed to help you begin improvements before other research companies publish their syndicated comparisons.

ž      Demographics focus on changes in life-stage, age, family unit composition, and life experiences of birth cohorts. We help you investigate unique opportunities in each cohort.

ž      Market Perceptions are the ways these cohorts define value in luxury vehicles. This understanding points to the future, but is difficult to discover. We supply in-depth knowledge to help you make plans.

In total, this knowledge set tells you what to do right now, and how to delight the US market in the future.

Innovation Services

Innovation is the key to profitability. The Wharton School estimates that only 1% of all product decisions are innovative, yet they explain 95% of the increase in brand value. We prefer to facilitate innovative decisions with your executive team rather than make traditional presentations. These InsightSessions™ are based upon new discoveries from Cognitive Science. They speed up the decision process, while retaining the unique character of your brand.

During this process we develop confidential collaborative relationships with our clients. All information from this relationship is rigorously protected. At the same time AmericanInsight’s own reference sources, and our executive services remain available to you whenever you wish to call on them.

Please contact me at AmericanInsight to discuss a project, or learn more about our decision support services.

We help our clients make quicker,

less expensive, and

better product decisions for the US.

Richard B. Hare

Managing Director

Office: (914) 941-0469

Mobile: (914) 536-5771



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